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About us

In Cosmedic Group, as specialist in medical tourism, we take care of all the landing support in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Our services consist on helping you with the before, during and after surgery support, also we arrange all transportation, accommodation, tourist concierge, and personalized assistance with our philosophy “ALL IN ONE”.
Why us?

Because with Cosmedic Group you will have the confidence that every patient will receive a personalized assistance, transportation, accommodation and recovery with a professional service, plus the patient will be monitored daily to ensure their medical tourism experience.


To be the Medical Tourism facilitator in Mexico, providing the best treatment in medical surgery services, offering in an integral way the support and pre and post operatory advice, as well as additional tourist, allocation and transportation needs, with the highest international quality standards with our “all in one” philosophy, offering the best cost-benefit in our customized services and with a social responsibility approach.


To become the leader facilitator of Medical Tourism in Mexico, working as an associates’ integrator in this industry, so we can attract and assist international patients, interested on undergoing medical procedures with the best options at the best cost-benefit in Mexico and Latin America.


Cosmedic Group is a member of the association of medical tourism since 2013.

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