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Patient Benefits

All rates shown are valid until June 30, 2014

Dear Patient:

In Cosmedic Group, we know that our patients come first. It is for this reason that we ensure that your medical experience to be the best. We are professionals in all medical tourism services that are required for you during your stay in Guadalajara; you just worry about being supported and assisted by our select group of experts.

We invite you to meet the diverse range of benefits that a Cosmedic patient will be enjoying during your medical visit.

Welcome to experience Cosmedic Group!

As our patient, we support you in 3 different categories


We offer the maximum benefits, directly related to logistics and professionalized assistance during your stay.

Corporate rates in: accommodation, executive transportation, tour guidance, bus lines, car rentals, among others.


All those services related to health improvement and recovery of the patient after surgery is provided.

Corporate rates at: nurse care (bilingual), purchase of medicines, ambulance, medical escorts, medical analysis, among others.


Benefits that enhance their stay and increase your level of security.

Corporate rates at: complications of surgery insurance, accident insurance, post-surgical therapy, nutritional counseling, counseling for personal image design, healthy restaurants, among others.

Ask your doctor for all these benefits


Remember that to get the benefits and special rates as Cosmedic Patient, you need to make your reservation request to order any of our services through:

email: info@cosmedicgroup.com

and/or by calling:

USA/Canada Toll Free: 1 800 683 6026
Mexico Toll Free: 01 800 681 5393


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.