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The best touristic activities in the state of Jalisco

We have the best touristic activities in the state of Jalisco, if you have time please see the wonders that this city and its surroundings have to offer, it will be an unforgettable trip!
These services consist of giving a personalized tour up to 3 people, the cost is per hour and it requires a minimum of 3 hours. This tours take place nearby Guadalajara and its surrounds. The most popular are: Historic center, Tlaquepaque & Tonala, Tequila, Chapala Lake, among others.
If you have a specific need to visit any place else, we can coordinate it as well.


Chapala Lake

Visit Chapala Lake, which is Mexico’s largest freshwater lake, the perfect place for recovery. The boat rides are a typical tradition as well as sports and recreational activities. Just 10 minutes from Chapala, is the town of Ajijic, a place famous for its horseback riding and its temperature of 67.82 °F. It is essential to explore its narrow cobbled streets where you can find restaurants, bars and galleries.


Discover the city of Guadalajara and know its history, accompanied by a professional tour guide who will show you the culture, traditions and cuisine of the city. You will have the opportunity to visit the places which are considered a touristic heritage of the city. The tour will take place at the historic center where you will be able to visit the Hospicio Cabañas, Expiatorio , La Plaza de Armas, Palacio Municipal, The Cathedral, Degollado theater, among others. The tour guide will share with you the most important facts about these places.


Explore the Tequila industry, is one of the strongest in the country and its production is linked to the town’s history. On this tour, we will know the history of the agave, its fermentation and distillation. And of course, you will taste the tequila right out from the process. You will become an expert of our national drink.
We see the fields full of agave, The Tequila Factory and The Centre of Tequila, Tequila tasting and you will be able to eat in any of the restaurants in this amazing town.


Visit Tlaquepaque and Tonala which are made up of the highest craftsmanship worldwide representation. You will know some internationally renowned artists, galleries and workshops and factories, it is a Paradise for shopping.
We’ll see: blown glass, paper mache, high temperature ceramics, pots, iron, low temperature ceramic, wood workshops, and more.

Tour Services Cost:  $ 35 usd per hour.



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